Northwest Area Arts Council is proud to be a part of Women's Works 25th Anniversary Show.  We welcome your support for this milestone year.  Please contact us if you wish to sponsor an upcoming show or name an award in honor of a loved one or your own art cause.  We would love to work with you as we strive to maintain an important link with the people and businesses in our community.



Old Court House Arts Center

Woodstock, Illinois


 Our sponsors for the Show are as follows:

Massage Envy

Liquitex Artist Heavy Material Heavy Body Paints

Lynfred Winery Certificates for up to 10 Adults for a

Scheduled tour and Wine Tasting Event

Lettuce Entertainment You, Inc

Swiss Maid Bakery



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The Old Court House
Workshops of Interest

Susan HillJudy Chicago Celebrating Twenty Years of Women's Works



 Sally Hughes, Il

     Carolyn HallidayNancy Merkling, IL     The celebration of the twentieth year we had a special guest juror, Judy Chicago and judge, Susan Hill.  Susan Hill is a fiber artist and weaver.  She was key in honoring the women who showed their work for the anniversary.  She celebrated this very special year and we enjoyed some interesting and edgy artwork, Susan Hill judged the show and awarded three women for their creativity and set the mood for the year's show.  We are grateful for all the judges in our shows, we of course cannot list all of you, but it is so important to mention how valuable the judges have been in the history of this show.  We try and choose Women who have been experienced with a show of this caliber.  We look to the City of Chicago, for great many of the judges, and also the Universities and  Colleges in the surrounding area.  We choose judges that live nearby the Woodstock area, because we want the judges to visit the The Old Court House Arts Center, and to see how beautiful the show looks.   We hope as well the judges will join us for the opening reception.

Judy Chicago

We had the special pleasure to have a juror who is a professional artist and who was active during the women's liberation movement of the 1960's.  After studying studio art and earning both bachelor's and master's degrees at the University of California at Los Angeles, Judy Chicago further explored women's expression, sexuality, and their traditional roles through her art, while expanding into new media and techniques.  Judy chose to study china-painting and needlework in a climate where sucessful artists were primarily working in canvas painting and sculpture.  Her own path is symbolic of feminism and free expression as her art.  Her passion for art and individual expression has continued to find new outlets, such that Judy Chicago has become a famous author, educator, and intellectual, as well as an artist and feminist.

Written by Lynn Carlson, 2007


We would like to thank all of our jurors from the past shows.  We have been enriched by your artistic sensibility and high caliber of experience.   We are very grateful for your participation and your professional attitudes as you help us present Women's Works year after year.  All artists strive to attain your level of expertise and critical understanding of art.  Though we cannot mention all of you by name, we want you to know that it is because of you that we have had so much success in the past.  We look forward to the future shows with the knowledge that we have a plethora of great women artists to help us year in and out.  With our new Cafe online juror system it is possible to reach jurors from across the nation.  We plan to expand our search for qualified and talented women jurors.